KEY Volunteer Team Postions - sign up!

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Hello Viking Mamas and Papas-


There are a few KEY team positions that we need filled.  So Mr. and Mrs. Bossy pants', please apply...the job pays in wine and Starbucks giftcards. :)  Let me know if you have any questions... descriptions below. 


Dive Team Co-Manager - We are rocking a dive team again this year, I would like some help organizing, communicating, and setting up mock meet.


Swim Team Meet Volunteer Managers x 2 - Helps organize and coordinate ALL the volunteer positions.  (I will help with this, but would love a point person.)  


Concessions x 2 - ONLY 2 HOME meets!  (We are simplifying this year and out sourcing most of the "hot" food.)  The Concessions God/Goddess would have to do the cost-co run for candy/drinks, get change $ for all the the ding-dongs that bring $20's, help run the stand, and help close out.  For the AWAY meets, it is just you, your lawn chair and a cocktail, you are "off"..:)

Sponsorship - I would LOVE to bring in some more sponsorship $$'s.  This would all be done before swim team starts and would be contacting local businesses to get donations.


Kids 4 Kids Liason - 1 Parent who's kids will be swimming at Kids 4 Kids to be the "Head" Vemack contact.  You would need to pass along info./coordinate. :)


End of Season Party Coordinator - Help plan, organize and throw the end of season party.


Thanks to Veronica McNamara for voluteering to be our Pic Mom!


Thanks to Kay Sedberry-Ruggerio for being our database queen!


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