Attention Vermack Parents

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It’s that time again! Swim season is right around the corner, and before I see you all at the first day of practice, May 13th, I have a couple reminders and announcements:
1. RegisterI want to see ALL of you again this summer, regardless of your vacation schedules. Even if you haven't registered for Vermack, please go ahead and register for ASA. I'd ideally like every one to register by this Friday, March 15th, so that when I'm home for Spring Break next week I can get a feel for how many swimmers we'll have this season and plan workouts accordingly.
2. Sign up to volunteer. We need you! Vermack's success is directly correlated with parent involvement. Plus you'll (kind of) get to hang out with me!
3. Please join me in welcoming our coaching staff: Johnny Slimming and Melissa McClarty will be returning as senior assistant coaches, and Charlotte Knippenberg and Adam Stecker will be joining as our new assistant coaches. Additionally, Paige Cohen, Izzy Webber, and Allie Anne Reiter, and Laura Spratling have all expressed interest and volunteered to help out as junior coaches, so you may see them in the water from time to time.
4. Time Trials are Tuesday, May 22nd. They will follow the same schedule as after-school practice.
5. Please note: AFTERNOON practice for the 11 and overs has been extended 15 minutes, such that practice runs from 5:30-6:15. Should your 11 and over be curious as to why afternoon practice is longer than in years past, you may tell them that I don’t want to wait until Memorial Day to start kicking their butts into shape. *cue evil laugh*
6. Evening practices begin Wednesday, May 29th, after we transition from afternoon to morning practices. Evening practices are for swimmers who cannot attend morning practice because of scheduling conflicts. If your child CAN attend morning practice I strongly encourage you to send them. We will have limited pool space (only 2 lanes instead of 5) in the evening and combined age groups. I have also repeatedly noticed that kids’ attention spans and focus are significantly smaller in the afternoon, making practices that much more difficult to run.
7. Please buy goggles, if you don't have any already. This is not a pressing issue, and I recommend that you wait a bit because Sports Authority usually has a big goggle sale before the season starts, but this is your fair warning. I want everyone, even the six and unders, to have a pair by end of the first week of practice.
8. As far as lessons go, I have not yet finalized my schedule, but I should have a better idea of what it will look like by April. My assistant coaches, Johnny Slimming, Melissa McClarty, Charlotte Knippenberg, and Adam Stecker, will also be available for teaching swim lessons.
And that should be about it. I’m really looking forward to this season, and I hope you all are as pumped as I am. I ask for your patience as we work out all the kinks in the first couple weeks. If you have any questions or concerns please shoot me or the head swim mom, Julie Erikson, an email ( and hopefully I can get back to you within approximately 24 hours. You can also call me, my cell is 770-826-6313, but I may not pick up if I’m in class.
Have a wonderful week, and see you May 13th!