Navy Suit and E-mail

Sent by Julie Erickson (Erickson, Julie and Eric) on 3/18/2013. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to swim annoucements

2 quick things-

1. If you reply to these e-mails I will not get them bc they are coming off of the Vermack site.  Please reply to my e-mail @  So if you think you have e-mailed me recently and I have not replied, please send again.

2. Swimsuits @ Sports Authority - They are supposed to have ordered extra Navy suits for our team, but one family went in and had an issue.  I am following up with them tomorrow, but FYI- it's just a solid Navy suit, any brand.  The girls might have white pipeing on the straps on certain suits. 

3. ASA, Free babysitting raffle will be held this week-  Look for your families name to be the lucky winners!  Thanks to everyone that registered. :)

That was 3 things... :)  But it is Monday