Vermack Gate Guards

Sent by Melanie Rohrbach, Member (Margavio, Tommy) on 5/2/2013. This announcement was emailed to all users

Dear Vermack Members -

The Vermack Board is currently making a decision in regards to Youth Gate Guards for the Mon-Thurs shifts at the pool this Summer (Sweetwater Pool Management will handle Fri-Sun with a hired gate guard).  Children, ages 14+, of Vermack members are eligible to serve as Gate Guards.  The 2-hour shifts would be Mon-Thurs, 11am - 8pm, and pay $6/hour.  Guards oversee sign-in/sign-out and handle some miscellaneous jobs such as watering the plants and straightening the chairs.  In order to make a decision about this program, we need to see how many young members are interested.  Unless we have enough to fill the slots, we will not launch this year's program. 

Please email Melanie Rohrbach with your interest by Friday May 10: