DIVE team openings...

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Happy 2nd Day of Swim/Dive team!  :) 

Just wanted to let you all know that we have lots of spots still open for Dive team.  If your child would like to "try" it this week or next, send them on over.  The Dive team DOES NOT compete and have "meets" like swim team.  We do 1 meet/showcase at the end of the season to show what the kids have learned.  It is very low key and more like a Dive Club.  Again, please feel free to have your kids try it out and if they are interested in joining let me know.  We have 2 Head Coaches this year and 1 junior coach.  :)


4pm 7/8's

4:30pm 6 and unders

5pm 9/10's

5:30pm 11/12's