Vermack opening is finally here!!! - PLEASE READ

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Dear Vermack Families,

Pool-time is finally here!  School is out in a week! 

We will have a soft opening this weekend (18th & 19th) from 12pm to 8pm, with the official pool season opening the following Friday, May 24th.  We will have a special weekend (25th) so stay tuned for more info.  In the meantime, the 2013 pool schedule can be found at (HomePool Home → HOURS)

NOTE - Children ages 10-18 must have an EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM on file at the pool house.  Please complete the form: and deliver it to a board member or gate guard prior to entering the pool.

Also, note that this year will be a little different when entering the pool.  The gate guard will be a Sweetwater Pool Management Employee Friday through Sunday and Holidays.  (Monday through Thursday will be compensated members, managed by the Vermack Board)  At all times, the gate guards will have a list of PAID members.  Therefore, when you enter the pool, you will provide the gate employee with your name.  He/She will then verify from the list your membership status, and you will be allowed to enter.  You will no longer hand write your family name on any list.  You will also be required to identify any guests, at the time of entering, that are accompanying you.  Standard guest fees still apply; however, the Vermack Club will bill those members, at the end of each month, for their guests.  Video surveillance shall be used as well in this new process.

All membership dues should be paid in full.  If you have not done so, please ensure that your account is current prior to utilizing the pool.

All the best to you and your familiy this Summer!