Vermack Secretary position in need of replacement

Sent by Vermack Board (Margavio, Tommy) on 5/15/2013. This announcement was emailed to all users

Dear Vermack Members,

The Board of Directors is seeking a volunteer to assume the position of Secretary.  The Club has been tremendously fortunate to have had Kay Ruggiero in this position for the past couple of years, but her term has ended and we are in need of her replacement.  We thank her for her service in this position and look forward to her continued, generous contributions of her knowledge.

Below is an excerpt of the basic function of the Secretary.  Luckily, we have an exiting Secretary available to us to make this transition an easy one, so I encourage anyone interested to please volunteer.

Section 5.  Duties of the Secretary.  It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a record of the proceedings of the Club, and with the President, sign all contracts, loans, obligations, and other instruments.  The Secretary shall inform the membership of all Meetings of the Members and shall attend to Club correspondence. In addition, the Secretary shall have other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Board of Directors.