Glad the Weatherman is WRONG!

Sent by Vermack Social (Vermack Social) on 5/18/2013. This announcement was emailed to all users

Good times at the soft opening of the Vermack Pool today!!  So sorry to those of you who unfortunately trusted the weatherman and his lightning bolts forcast.  There were still a good few of us who enjoyed a nice Saturday at the pool with sharks & minnows, four square, great tunes, cold beverages, and the over the top attentive and personable Sweetwater lifeguard staff.  Great choice Vermack Board!

OK, I've fixed/cleaned lines in the kegorator as well as the freezer... grills are next.  Keg will make it's appearance next weekend at our GRAND OPENING festivities on Saturday May 25th along with the big water slide and PIZZA for all mid afternoon.  Yes, the pool will be opening on Friday the 24th but the bash is on Saturday.

Looking forward to a great festive season poolside!  See you all there! 

-VermackSocialGuy -wiley