Swim Team 5/20--yes you actually need to read this

Sent by Joyce, Maggie (Joyce, David and Liz) on 5/20/2013. This announcement was emailed to all users

Good afternoon parents!

I have a few requests and a couple quick reminders:

1. For those of you with children above the age of six, you may have noticed that we have been working on butterfly last week. You may have also heard me referencing “the worm” and The Little Mermaid as examples of how to do butterfly kick. Unfortunately, it would seem that I am getting quite old and out of date because very few of your children knew what I was talking about. I am therefore including two YouTube videos: one of someone doing the worm, and a video clip from animal planet of a dolphin. Both clips are pretty short, and you can skip to the :50 second mark for the worm video, and the 1:00 minute mark for the dolphin one, and need only watch the subsequent 15-20 seconds or so. The links for the videos are below:

The worm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qylmyTdP4c

The dolphin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp-Po76p5pw

I have also included a video of some humans doing the dolphin kick underwater, just so your kids can see how it translates to them. It is also quite short, so please watch it:



If you can watch the videos before practice that would obviously be preferable, but I understand this is coming out a little short notice. If you cannot watch it this afternoon, please take a look at it this evening.

2. Time Trials are tomorrow!! They will follow the normal practice schedule. Not all 6 and unders will be completing them (I won’t swim anyone who isn’t ready yet) but unless you are a year-round swimmer, you are expected to be there.

3. I hope that by now everyone has goggles. If not, please get a pair. And since we have already collected several pairs in the lost and found box (come see me if you’ve lost yours) I would recommend labeling them with your swimmer’s initials.

4. Some scheduling reminders: we will NOT have practice this Friday or next Monday evening (that’s a week from today) but we WILL have practice next Monday morning on Memorial Day for anyone who is around because our first meet is NEXT TUESDAY against Chastain. More information on that to follow.

5. We will be testing out a buddy program this season. The Vermack Buddy Program will be run by Rebecca Slimming, one of our older swimmers. The buddy program is geared towards swimmers under the age of 9 and over the age of 12 (so 8 and unders and 13 and overs are eligible to participate). It is essentially a big/little sister/brother program that will take place during HOME MEETS. Rebecca will be sending out more information this week.

6. I will be sending out information about swim lessons later this week.

That should be it! As always please contact me at maggiemae1414@yahoo.com for any questions or comments. See you all in a couple hours!