First Meet RSVP and Volunteer list!

Sent by Julie Erickson (Erickson, Julie and Eric) on 5/20/2013. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to swim annoucements

The RSVP and Volunteer list is all on 1 sign up genius for the first meet.  (If we crash and burn, we will try it in 2)

A few things... (there always is-) 

- The RSVP says, total including you, I could not change that, I just need to know who in your family is swimming.  (As some weeks siblings are away-)  Please type their names in the comment section.

- If you can not volunteer that week, you can submit your RSVP by not picking any job from the pull down list.  (Not that you would EVER do that... lol :)

- Please do not RSVP "Maybe" (But here's my number so call me...:) I could not get rid of that too, "Maybe" just makes more work for me.  So, wait until you know Yes or No.  THANKS!

More to come on Chastain and their "Super Pool" status.  (directions, instuctions, etc)

TIME TRIALS TOMORROW!!!!  So see your Hotness(es - plural?) at the pool then...