Grand Opening Pool Bash

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OHHHH YAAA.... Everyone say it with me... "IT'S POOL TIME CHIMICHANGA's!!!!" 

No, we're not having chimichanga's but we are having pizza at the pool party on Saturday.  That's right... bring your crew on out as we'll be starting off with an ice cold keg of Sweetwater 420, pizza's will arrive between 4-5pm and the slide will be there ALL DAY!  I have a feeling the keg will empty by 6pm so feel free to BYOB or other beverage of choice.

Guests are welcome at the regular guest rates.  Please be sure to check them in at the gate... but feel free to leave your "John Blutarsky" or "Frank the Tank" at home.

Looking forward to yet another fun & festive pool season!!!

See you all poolside! 

-steve wiley