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Ok here we go:

I have just completed the line-up, which will of course undergo a few more changes before the meet. Our first meet is this Tuesday—tomorrow—at Chastain. I would like to say a couple things on that head:


Chastain is what our division calls a “super-pool.” Because it is a public pool the team averages between 250-350 swimmers, making them 2-3 times our size. I mention this so you won’t be surprised when we have 8 heats of 6 and under freestyle. The good thing is they have 10 lanes to accommodate their gargantuan mass so the meet does tend to move relatively quickly.


Because we have ten lanes we have more scoring lanes, so I am generally able to enter kids in more events than usual, particularly in the sparse age groups. This means that your child may be swimming more than two individual events—and more challenging events at that. (Feel sorry for 13-14 boys Andrew Edwards and Ethan Moon, who will be swimming every single event!) All I ask is that everyone gives their best effort. Chastain is a great opportunity to get a bunch of times on events that you might not swim later in the season.


RELAYS: I always try to fit in as many relays as possible so everyone has a chance to swim in at least one of them. In order to do this however, I sometimes have to swim people up. The line-up for the relays can get quite complicated so PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP IF YOUR SWIMMER WILL NOT BE AT THE MEET. I understand last minute fevers and stomach bugs come up, so please shoot me a quick email or text (770-826-6313). The list of people who have responded “no” is featured below. Please check to make sure it is accurate.


TEAM SUITS are navy and can be purchased at Sports Authority or online at


LESSONS: The assistant coaches and I will all be offering lessons. I cannot speak for the other coaches, but I have drawn up a calendar online indicating my availability. You must click on the link below to access it:


As you will notice, I try and schedule lessons before evening and after morning practice. If you aren’t free then let me know and we can work something out, I just figured it would be good to give concrete times. Individual lessons are $20 and group lessons  (2+ people) are $15 per person. All lessons are 30 minutes. I will also try and have a physical calendar at the pool.


That should be it for now.

Go Vikings!



Swimmers not attending Chastain Meet:

Kinsey Anderson

Macon/Vic Chiles

Emma/Thomas Harrison

Max/Sofia Hromis

Cosette Lane

Ava/ Cole Margavio

Haley Matthews

Patrick/ Sofia/ Seamus McNamara

Steven Pugmire

Connor/Lauren Self

Lizzie Shockley

Richy/Olli/Izzy Wagner

Ansley/Sam Wassell

Abigail/Avery Watts