Numbers, Numbers, Numbers 2013

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307.5 Points...  which was 176 less than Chastains. (Final score Chastain 483.5 to Vermack 307.5)  But if we are going to lose, I say we always do it with a .5.

43 Volunteers... the free water just does not say THANK YOU enough!  THANK YOU!

20 Times I laughed... at the quote I saw earlier, "If I only have 1 day left to live, I hope there is a swim meet because they last forever".... lol, there I go again, now 21.

15 Dozen donuts... waiting for our swimmers tomorrow!  YAHOOO

12 LONG months.... how long you have been waiting for a numbers, nubers, numbers e-mail. :)  Come on, admit it.. who''s posting this to Facebook?

6... and unders, HOW CUTE WERE THEY!  Congratulations on a 1st meet!  And the ever PATIENT and FABULOUS 6 and under BULLPEN peeps!  Muchas Gracias

2 Swimmers... we left off the heat sheets!  (Sorry Stallings and Wileys!  I owe you a kidney...I'd steer clear of my liver-)

0 RIBBONS!  (Oh no- Chastain could NOT print our ribbons tonight.  So ribbons later this week along with our team shirts that they accidentailly printed in purple that they are re-printing....)  Liz will e-mail out the final results so you can tell your kids what ribbons they won.  (Which is like .5 OK, SORRY!)

Happy First Meet!  We did it!

Julie with some help from my good friends at Apex wineries...