Swim Team

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Attached file: swim 2013 schedule-6.pdf

Hi-dee-ho, swim teamers!

1. Please RSVP (ASAP) for Meet #2.  Maggie likes to get the "rough draft" line-up over the weekend, so I need to get it to her by tomorrow.  www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C044CA5AC23A13-home1

NOT SWIMMING...Callahan, Chiles, Margavio (Cole), McNamara (Patrick), Moon, Pugmire (Steven), Reiter (Ben), Romano, Self and Zeigler (Charlie).

NOT RSVP-ed Anderson, Edwards, Fairris, Fearney, Grashof, Greenstein, Harrison, Hingson, James, Kaplan, Krull, Lane, Long, Matthews, Morgan, Owens, Payne, Rothbard, Slimming, Speaks, Spratling, Stecker, Uhde, Wagner, Wassell, and Webber.

2. I am attaching our "schedule" which has meet info, practice times, etc...

3. We had to swap lots of kids at the last minute at the swim meet, so if you are missing a RIBBON please let us know.  We have plenty of extras- and my apologies.