Happy Summer Vermack Members

Sent by Alison James, Pool Chair (James, Alison) on 6/2/2013. This announcement was emailed to all users

We are off to a great start!   I would like you to all welcome our new management company Sweetwater Pools.  They have so far been very professional and are eagerly taking on our busy pool.  I know Tommy did mention a few things in his welcome letter about the new gate guard system, but I wanted to make sure everyone was on board.  With this new company in place, they are not taking the responsibility lightly and are sticking to the rules outlined in our bi-laws. 

We will have a Sweetwater Lifeguard staff member at the guard desk Friday- Sunday and an employed young member of our pool Monday- Thursday.  Please stop by the desk and check in.  If you are bringing guests, they will make a note.  We are working on a system to bill members for their guests rather then deal with cash at the pool.

Children 10-17 may be dropped off at the pool , but you must first be sure you have filled out an Emergency contact information sheet.  It will be checked each time they enter the pool alone.  Even if you feel you have done this in past years, we have a new company, and new books.  This is for the protection of your child.  You can find them on the web-site or extras may be in the book at the pool.  There will be a grace period this week9First week of June), in that if we do not have the official form you can hand write something, but afterward your child will not be allowed to swim without it.

Children 10-17 alone at the pool may only bring one guest.  The guest must sign an Emergency contact information sheet in our book when they arrive each time they visit so we have information on that guest.  This is again to protect them incase of an emergency.  We have had numerous problems at the pool in years past with large parties of unsupervised minors. 

I hope that you can all get to the pool sometime soon.  I think you will notice some great changes!

Happy Swimming,

Alison James