30338 Victory! Vmack-466.5 to Rfield-322.5

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REDFIELD SANDWICH with a side of mayo (eww-white and globbular)  ROCK ON VERMACK VIKINGS!  (And YAY .5 again... just me?)  Vermack 466.5 vs Redfield 322.5

Quick SHOUT OUT to Betsy "Prom Queen" Wagner who did an amazing job behind the concession stand and has officially earned her "Concessions Queen" title.  (You may all bow before her-)  

Also and as always to ALL our other FABULOUS VOLUNTEERS!  (To name a few...DJ Rick, Karen C., Melissa H., Liz J., The Grashof's, Photographer Vernoica Mc and anyone and everyone that has ever worked a bullpen! :)  THANK YOU!!!

And I leave you with my most favorite swim quote, that luckily my edit button told me was too inappropriate for our shirts... "If swimming was easy, it would be called your Mom"  


The "Official - I actually now own the shirt" Head Honcho  (Shirt for sale, shirt for sale..:) LOL