Swim team event change

Sent by James, Alison (James, Alison) on 6/5/2013. This announcement was emailed to all users

Good evening all,  just wanted to update you on a swim team even change.  I have updated the calendar as well.  The end of year swim team party will be Thursday, June 27th at 3pm.  The pool will close at that time to all but swim team members.  By the way, they had an awesome win against Redfield last night!!!!   Thank you Maggie Joyce and all of our swim coaches!  Also to Julie Ericson for heading up the swim team volunteer coordinator position as well as countless other volunteers that have sweat tons at every swim meet.  You are really doing so much to make this a real community event for our pool!  Go Vikings!!!!

don't get wet tonight!!:)

Alison James