RSVP's for Tuesday's meet vs. The Branches

Sent by Julie and Susan (Erickson, Julie and Eric) on 6/7/2013. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to swim annoucements

So Susan Tallent ( is my official hero and our official RSVP taker this week... we have lots of RSVPs missing, so please clickity-click ASAP


Need RSVp
Kinsey Anderson
Vic Chiles  (Maybe- saw your e-mail...)
Andrew Edwards
Anna Edwards
Emma & Molly Fearney
Erin Greenstein
Kell Hermetz
Joe & Emily Hingson
Izzy Humphries
Josie & Sam James
Jonathan Kaplan
Robby & Maddy Long
Reagan & Haley Matthews
Melissa McLarty
Scott & Alex Morgan
Lauren Parker
Piper & Beck Payne
Mark & Evan Romano
Lea & Evan Shine
Rebecca & Johnny Slimming
Brennan & Tyler Speaks
Adam Stecker
Ben, Jack & Ella Uhde
Ollie, Izzy, & Richie Wagner
Sarah & Marshall Wagner
Ansley & Sam Wassell
Izzy Webber
Piper & Jack Wiley
NO's are:
Jack Bolte
Paige Cohen
Libby Elliott
Thomas & William Fairris
Cole Margavio
Mason Marks *Double check to see if ear is better*
Ben Reiter
Harrison Stallings
Ben & Charlie Ziegler