Week ahead and The Branches... (Let's get em'!)

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One more meet to be the official 30338 CHAMPS!  (I wonder how 90210 feels about that...)  The Branches just jumped a division and is gunning for us, so tell your swimmers to bring their A GAMES!  I would LOVE to beat the speedo suits off them... (And why yes, I am an Aries...)

1.  A big SHOUT OUT to Susan "You are the Wo-Man" Tallent for handeling RSVP's and Volunteers!  Feel free to give her a pat on the tush when you see her next...

2.  ALL VOLUNTEER SLOTS ARE FULL!  (That never happens, like never, like ever (thank you Taylor Swift and THANK YOU VERMACK VIKING PARENTS!!!)

3.  Warm up is at 5pm, please arrive at 4.30 for the meet @ The Branches.  Our bullpens are "Right outside the pool on the grass/playground area in the shade".  It is our first time swimming against them in a LONG time.  So we will figure it out as we go-

4. Here is the rest of your week at a glance...

Mon - am and pm practice

Tuesday - am practice and meet  (5pm @ The Branches)

Wednesday - am and pm practice with DONUTS and RIBBONS (Like lots and lots of 1st place ones!) 

Thursday - am and pm pracitce

Friday - am practice

Sat - Kids for Kids @ Marist (Eisenmesser, Erickson, Courtney and Wassell)