A-ha, I found Wi-Fi and an outlet...

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A-ha, I found Wi-Fi and an outlet.  (And FREE air conditioning and babysitting... THANK YOU Lifetime Fitness...)

So Meet #4 I am MISSING RSVP's from.... 

Chils, Edwards, Fearney, Geenstein, Harrison, Hingson, Humphries, James, Kaplan, Krull, Lane, Long, Magley, Matthews, Morgan, Parker, Reiter, Self, Slimming, Speaks, Wagner (Sarah/Marshall) Watts and Zeigler

Last one to reply has to be swim manager next year...http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C044CA5AC23A13-away3

No's for meet #4

Abby Cohen, Thomas Fairris, Cole Margavio, Romano x 2, Shockley, Stallings, Wassell, and Wiley.  (And possibly Spratling - just Laura, please let Maggie know what you want her to do-)

Everyone else gets a gold star!