Week of 6/13 and Roxboro info-- important

Sent by Maggie Joyce (Maggie Joyce) on 6/17/2013. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to swim annoucements

Goooooood Morning!

Hope everyone survived our mini-tornado ok. It would seem that Mother Nature has something out for us, because as of right now the weather does not look pretty for the rest of the week. I would thus like to take this opportunity to say:

1. We will still have practice in the rain. We will only get out if it is thundering, or raining so hard we can no longer see the bottom of the pool. Please come unless otherwise notified. And bring lots of warm towel and hot chocolate. (Feel free to bring me some too... only partially kidding.)

2. If we end up cancelling any of the morning or evening practices past Tuesday, I will be sending home dry-lands work-outs I want each age group to do. Yes, I am serious. We haven't worked for 5 weeks to sit on the couch and get soft just because it's thundering outside. No, they will not be long and unreasonable. I do realize who I'm dealing with, believe me. (And I of course encourage you to go to your gym, church, etc. to get other sources of physical activity.) This is all hypothetical, the weather men and women may be completely off. I just want to establish plan B.

3. If it thunders Tuesday night during the meet, we must wait 30 minutes after each thunder before we can resume the meet. The goal is to reach at least the halfway point (event 43 I believe), so that we can either call the meet a tie, or declare one team the winner if there is an obvious lead in the score. If we cannot make it to the halfway point we will have to reschedule, and I'm sure no one wants to pack up and do it all over again, especially considering the weather forecast for the rest of the week. So please understand why we may wait and wait and wait if it thunders on Tuesday. Again, this is all hypothetical, but I just want everyone to be prepared.

4. This is pretty self-evident, but you should probably bring extra towels and umbrellas on Tuesday.

5. Roxboro is a 6 lane meter pool, and all six lanes will be scoring. This means that in several age groups that are smaller, swimmers will often have more than 2 individual events. I have also mixed up a couple races, so don't be surprised if your swimmer isn't in their usual event.

6. Come and support the dive meet! They've been working hard all season. Thursday evening.


That should be it. As always, please feel free to email, text, or call me with any questions (770-826-6313).

Here's to hearing Vikings and NOT thunder rumble,