Exciting and IMPORTANT news!

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Let's live on the edge and go with EXCITING first....

1.  The 2014 Head Co-Coaches will be.... (drum roll... like for real, why are you just sitting, there staring at your computer, let's have some leg slapping like now...:)  Coach Melissa McLarty and Coach Johnny Slimming!  We are THRILLED to have them as our Head Co-Coaches!  

2.  On that note, Melissa and Johnny will be interviewing/hiring ALL their assistant coaches and junior coaches before swim team is out.  Please e-mail them jdslimming@comcast.net or melissacmclarty@gmail if your child is interested.

The IMPORTANT (You can stop drum rolling now-)

1. The WEATHER is CRAZY these days.  Tomorrow's forecast is not looking so good, so I plan on touching base with their mangers around noon.  If there looks to be "dangerous" storms in the area, we can call the match and reschedule.  (For Weds- which also looks bad-)  I will E-MAIL TOMORROW AT 3PM, if we are on or off.  Roxboro is not the best parking situation, so it will be hard to "dash" to our cars if there is a problem and I do not want to put anyone in danger over a swim meet.

2. As I mentioned their parking is super nutty.  I am attaching a map that they sent me to try and explain it.  (TRY.. I seem to already be confused-) Our warm up is at 5pm, so please arrive at 4:30 for arm marking and jungle rumbling.  (After you checked your e-mail at 3PM, to make sure we were on-)  If it is just "raining" not thunder, no trees smashing cars/roofs, we still have to go...

Happy Swim Meet Eve everyone!  Let's hope Santa is not bringing us a tornado tomorrow...  (Or let's hope he is going off your behavior of good and not mine... :)