Plan B for tonight and divisionals

Sent by Maggie Joyce (Maggie Joyce) on 6/18/2013. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to swim annoucements

Good Morning!!

Hope everyone gets a little bit of extra sleep. If the meet is rescheduled tonight (check your emails at 3) I need everyone who could NOT swim tommorrow to email me immediately.

In other news, divisionals are coming NEXT Thursday from 10-1:30, and divisional entries are due by Friday. Divisionals are not required, but always encouraged for everyone interested in participating, and are swum at Georgia Tech (which has the gorgeous Olympic pool from 1996). You will need to pick two individual events to swim per child, and email me DIRECTLY ASAP. I will try and field relays, but they will depend on how many swimmers we have going for that age group.

If your swimmer places in the top 30 for 10 and unders and top 20 for 11 and overs (collectively, over all divisions--we are in the first), they will qualify and make it back for championships on Sunday, which run from 1-3 for 10 and unders and 5-8 for 11 and overs. The top 10 relays in all age groups will also make it back.

Please let me know ASAP what events your swimmer would like to compete in at divisionals. If you need assisstance picking events or if your swimmer is indifferent to what they swim I will pick their events for them, but I need to know.