Divisional Parents ONLY

Sent by liz Joyce - Swim Team (Erickson, Julie and Eric) on 6/25/2013. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to swim annoucements



If you have a swimmer going to Divisionals on Thursday please read carefully.


1. We need to know if you as a parent are NOT going to be at the meet. We are required to provided event workers - 8 people to time (2 each half, two lanes) and 2 runners (1 each half). Please let me know ASAP if you would like one of those spots and if so what pool, boy or girl. First come first serve on this one!


2. We also need parents to supervise the relays. That means that you will be assigned a relay tag that lets you on deck for the RELAYS ONLY, you will get the kids to both ends of the starting blocks as usual, and then when the relays are over you will be able to go to the stands and watch the rest of the meet. All of the relays are swum at the front end of the meet, so this works pretty well. I will be assigning relay workers based on age groups, and setting it up to make sure you can see your child swim, so if you are NOT going to be there please let me know so I will not assign you to a relay.


3. The swimmers sit on the deck this year!!!!! This makes it much easier to get them to their bullpens, but it also means that we need everyones co-operation about following the rules. The only people allowed on the deck are the coaches and the event workers. We will be given a few extra coaches tags that we can use for parents that will be supervising our bullpen, and of course the pre-mentioned relay workers, but other than that everyone sits up in the stands for the duration of the meet. PLEASE be respectful of this. The deck gets very crowded and we need room for our swimmers. This also means that ALL SWIMMERS should stay on the deck and in our bullpen, not go up in the stands between events. Ga Tech runs a terrific bullpen for all 12 and under swimmers - and they are required to use it or they will not swim. The 13 and ups get themselves to the starting blocks. WE CANNONT BE RUNNING UP AND DOWN THE STAIRS LOOKING FOR SWIMMERS WHO ARE NOT ON THE DECK. We will be running the bullpen from the deck, so if you want us to be responsible for getting your swimmer to the bullpen they need to be on the deck with us. If you choose to keep them in the stands with you, it is your responsibility to get them to the bullpen on time, and PLEASE let us know in advance that you are doing this so we will not be frantically looking for your child.


I will be sending out more info but wanted to at least get this much out to you. Pease let me know your availability asap, and send it to me directly at eljoyce@comcast.net. Thanks! Liz