We done gewd/ practice tomorrow

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Practice tomorrow was originally supposed to be for divisional swimmers, but I think when everyone comes up tomorrow to get donuts it will quickly degenerate into, "Coach Maggie can we play sharks and minnows in the deep end?" then, "Coach Maggie can you play with us?" finally to, "Can we just play games?" (Reeves Tallent this is your voice I'm hearing) SO:

We will practice for the first 15 minutes of every practice (normal schedule) following the first 15 minutes you may either play pidgeon or sharks and minnows in the deep end or work on your strokes/starts/finishes/turns with the coaches in lanes 1-5. Donuts all around, per usual. Again, NORMAL PRACTICE TIMES. 

RULES FOR CAR PAINTING: For my car, each age group gets one window. You may not paint my car without adult supervision.

Car=automobile=moving object=I must see to drive.

Jonny and Melissa will have their own rules, ASK BEFORE YOU PAINT ANYONES CAR. Parents feel free to volunteer yours. :)

I am so proud of EVERYONE. All of our swimmers, for giving me their 110%; all of our parents, for being our tireless cheerleaders and volunteers, helping the meet run smoothly; all of my coaches, who it has been a pleasure to work with this season. I can't even begin to thank eveyone enough. Hannover West (and the Kermans, darn them) put up a fantastic fight, and they are worthy competitors of the mighty Vermack. And kudos to Ashley for taking the the 9/10 back record. 

Kudos to Laura Spratling for pushing off the wall and STILL winning all her races, Kinsey and Avery McDougal for kicking butt and dropping 6+ seconds in IMs, Christian and Mary Grace with their backstroke, ALL the 11/12 and 13/14 boys God bless you (and Vic Chiles Patrick McNamara let's come to practice and drop even more time), Grant Erickson and Jack Uhde for holding the backstroke fort down, Brennan and Ian taking 1,2 for the 25 free, the 9/10 girls for staying strong against such stiff competition, Allie Anne for swimming up with the 15/18s and BEATING their butts, Beck Olli Wagner for kicking TAIL in the 25 breast, Avery Watts for braving the breaststroke (and Mark Romano and Maddie Long the fly), Cole Margavio for swimming a whole lap all by himself, Piper Payne for dropping a whopping SEVEN seconds in her 25 free and EIGHT in the back, Beck for dropping EIGHT in his breast and looking REALLY good, Sofia McNamara and Sofia Hromis swimming the best I've seen this season, the whole Cohen family doing their thang, Joe Hingson, Brennan Speaks, Evan Shine, Jack Randolph, Jake Callahan, Sam James and Sam Wassell for being the great breastrokers they are, Anna Edward and Grace Pugmire way to go ladies, Reeves Tallent for pulling out that IM, Alex Morgan awesome 50 free, Lydia for pushing through til the end, Tyler Speaks for giving Izzy Webber a run for her money.... the list goes on and on. I could go through and praise everyone, but I'd never finish the email :)

Great job EVERYONE. I've been coming to swim meets for 15 years and I can honestly say this was the most exciting one yet. It was a spectacular way for us to end the season, and I am so pleased I can't even begin to tell you. (Although my tacit permission to let everyone stay in the water just a little bit longer than usual should have been a clue.)

We rumbled.