Pool equipment/ guests/ trash

Sent by James, Alison (James, Alison) on 6/26/2013. This announcement was emailed to all users

Good morning

  I received a call from our head guard Rachel this morning saying that someone had turned on the pump to the baby pool.  The pool  had not finished filling after he meet last night and the guards planned on finishing it this morning before the pool opened.  With too little water in the pool, turning the pumps on can cause great damage.  It could cost up to $700 to fix if the pumps are damaged.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT TUCH THE POOL EQUIPMENT!!!  Even if you think you know what you are doing, the guards have it set the way they need it.


Also, we are still having problems with minors at the pool.  I have sent out emails.  Fill out the paper work so your kids can be safe.  They can only bring ONE guest with them if they are not with an adult.  


Last, please pick up after yourselves at the pool.  I am sorry to even bring it up.  Leaving food on the ground wrappers etc.....can invite ants and other bugs.  We don't like that.  It would also be nice if you kindly move things back the way you found it.  The guards are happy to straighten up and do an excellent job at it.  That is not their only job though.  

Thank you for helping!  

Alison James