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Congratulations to ALL of our Divisional swimmers who participated in a great meet at GA Tech yesterday. We placed second overall out of the 22 teams in our division, beating third place Hanover West 2599 to 2292 (they score this meet differently than the regular meets). Anyone interested in viewing the results, they are posted on website, session1, results.


We had an amazing number of top three finishes that deserve recognition

9/10 Girls Medley Relay 2nd place: Maddie Cohen, Lauren COurtney, Ashley Altera, Kate Courtney

11/12 Boys Medley Relay 2nd place: James Joyce, Kolby Rothbard, Tyler Courtney, Thomas Harrison

13/14 Girls Medley Relay 1st place: Izzy Webber, Allie Anne Reiter, Tyler Speaks, Laura Spratling

13/14 Boys Medley Relay 2nd place: Max Hromis, Richy Wagner, Andrew Edwards, Ethan Moon

11/12 boys 50 free 2nd place Thomas Harrison

13/14 girls 50 free 1st place Laura Spratling

                            2nd place Tyler Speaks

13/14 boys 50 free 2nd place Andrew Edwards

11/12 girls 100 free 1st place Abby COhen

13/14 girls 100 free 1st place Laura Spratling

13/14 girls 50 back 1st plce Izzy Webber

15/18 girls 50 back 2nd place Charlotte Knippenberg

9/10 girls 100IM 1st place Ashley Altera

11/12 100IM 2nd place Abby Cohen

11/12 boys 100IM 2nd place Tyler Courtney

13/14 girls 100IM 1st place Allie Anne Reiter

                           2nd place Emma Harrison

15/18 girls 100IM 1st place Charlotte Knippenberg

14/15 girls 50 Breast 1st place Allie Anne Reiter

                                2nd place Emma Harrision

9-10 girls 25 fly 2nd place Ashley Altera

11/12 girls 50 fly 1sy place Lydia Fletcher

11/12 boys 50 fly 2nd place Thomas Harrison

13/14 girls 50 fly 1st place Izzy Webber

                          3rd place Tyler Speaks

13/14 boys 50 fly 3rd place Andrew edwards

9/10 girls free relay 2nd place Kate Courtney, Lauren COurtney, Bonnie Ruggario, Ashley Altera

11/12 boys free relay 2nd place Tyler Courtney, Kolby Rothbard, James Joyce, Thomas Harrison

13/14 girls free realy 1st place Allie Anne Reiter, Izzy webber, Emma Harrison, Laura Spratling


There were a number of you that placed in the top ten - 9/10 boys medley relay (Noah Moon, Joseph Hingson, Ryan Altera, BRennan Speaks) Max Hromis, Brennan Speaks, James Joyce,Ethan Moon, Rebecca Slimming, Paul Joyce, Grant Erickson, Maddie Cohen, Richy Wagner, Jonny Slimming, Avery NMcDougal, Ryan Altera, Paige Cohen, Harris Marks, Ollie Wagner, Lauren Courtney,Kolby Rothbard, Grace Pugmire, Kinsey Anderson - all individaul top tens, and then the 9/10 boys free relay (Brennan Speaks, Noah Moon, Reeves Tallent, Ryan Altera) and the 15/18 Boys free relay (Ben Reiter, Jonathatn Kaplan, Paul Joyce, Jonny Slimming)


AMAZING!!!!!! For us to have that many top tens, let alone that incredible number of top 3's is truly special. So a HUGE congratulations to ALL of our Divisional swimmers!!


I also want to thaks all of you that helped out yesterday. Many of you worked your fannies off as usual (Heather Hingson, Karen Courtney and Melissa Humphries we all should be kissing your feet adn wiping the sweat from your brows) and as always your help is greatly appreciated. I think we must have the best parents of all time because everyone steps up to the plate when needed.

I will be sending out a seperate email after I clean my house, do 20 loads of laundry, buy toilet papaer to replace the kleenex we've been using, feed the boys actual food instead of letting them forage for chips and soda and ice get the picture...with info about Championships on Sunday. Most of you should have a good idea of your chances of going back, but the general guideline is anyone in the top 3 individuals should qualify, a bit deeper if your 12 or under, the relays are tougher because only the top ten go, but 1st and 2nd are pretty safe. We won't know for sure until after the last Divisional meet Saturday night, and will send out an email then to confirm with all of you. If you won't be available Sunday, and have not already told Maggie, please do so ASAP. We have to scratch swimmers now so they can send alternates.

We have to have workers as well - I need 4 timers, 2 each half - they swim the meet in one pool so no problem seeing your swimmer, but there are two session, one for the 10 and unders and one for the 11 and up's, so that means I need four parents for the first session and four parents for the second session. Altera is already in for frist session/1st half and Knippenberg for 2nd session/2nd half Joe? Let me know your availablity so I can make sure we are covered.


Great party last night, great season, great families. Thanks to all of you from the Joyce household and GO VIKINGS! Liz