Championship info #1

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We're almost there!

And it looks like we are in very good shape for championships. The last session is still swimming, so we will send out an email tomorrow morning letting you know who made it, but you can also keep track yourself by checking the ASA website.

The email will also have a list of assigned volunteer positions. If you know that you can help time and/or would prefer a certain half of the meet, please shoot Mama Joyce an email or text (770-355-8439).

The 10 and under session will run from 1 to approximately 3:30. Our warm up time is 12:05-12:25, so please be there by 11:45.

The 11 and over session will run from 5-8, warm ups are from 4:05-4:25, so please be there at 3:45.

Remember, during warm ups all lanes are feet first with the exception of 1 and 10, which are one way sprint only.

For those of you who want to sit in the stands (when you're not volunteering) remember that the middle pool (girls pool) is where the entire meet will take place. The boys pool will be the warm up warm down pool, diving well will be closed. 

IMPORTANT: Frankie sent out a notification to all coaches about weekend traffic issues. There is all kinds of construction going on this weekend, so PLEASE check the Ga DOT website for traffic info and plan accordingly.


Just keep swimming just keep swimming....