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Players and Captains at Vermack:

 Late in the spring season deadlines and rain created what you would call the "perfect storm" of court scheduling. So, in effort to prevent this from happening again, the tennis committee met and decided that we would make the following court reservations for home teams in efforts to prevent any conflicts.

 As a contingency for rainouts of the last matches of the spring and fall seasons Saturday ALTA men, Thursday ALTA women and Sunday ALTA women home teams will automatically have courts reserved for makeup matches. Saturday men will receive two courts for makeups on following Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights (default day per ALTA). Thursday women will receive three courts on Friday morning (default day per ALTA). Sunday women will receive two courts on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights (default day per ALTA). By doing this we are ensuring that Saturday and Sunday matches will have 6 chances to make up 5 matches and Thursday players will be able to play the match Friday without having to worry that you cannot get reservations. These reservations will be made for you at the beginning of each season.  We will also reserve contingency courts at the end of the ALTA Mixed Doubles season.

 All practice court reservations will cease at the end of each season unless your team requests a continuation.

If you want to join an ALTA team, please check the club website www.vermackswimtennis.organd  (Tennis page, team listing).  Contact the captain of the team which fits your level of play.  If you are uncertain of your skill level, please contact a member of the tennis committee for assistance.

CAPTAINS: please be advised that the rule of the club is to accept any club member on to your team.