Diving boards

Sent by James, Alison (James, Alison) on 7/15/2013. This announcement was emailed to all users

Hi everyone.  Hope you are well.  I am on my annual family trip up north and you know what the means..... Something's gonna break.  The boards are once again in need of repair.  The Bolts on the low dive need to possibly be welded back in place and the high dive steps are cracking and are ordered.  Since I have been away I have a great helper Steve Wiley who is looking into the low dive bolts to have them fixed. The high dive steps have been ordered and will be on the way.  These problems arise when you have 25 year plus equipment.  We did fix the boards last year, we did not fix the steps and bolts.  No one could have predicted this would happen.  I promise I did not cause it to happen, nor am I "dragging" my feet in getting it taken care of.  I will be in touch with you all about the repairs and when they will happen. Thanks , Alison James