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Congratulations Vermack Tennis Division Winners!

This past season was a very successful one for Vermack tennis teams. Three Vermack teams won their respective divisions one of which will be playing for the city championship later this week.

In mixed doubles Team Callahan, playing ALTA B-8, won their division before suffering a very narrow first round loss that could have gone either way. Captain Jeff Callahan did a magnificent job this season and is to be commended for his hard work and attention to detail.

Louise Labus led her USTA 4.0 Business Women’s team to post-season play making it all the way to the semi-finals. Louise, one of our most experienced and steady captains, “left everything on the court” as they say and suffered a torn Achilles tendon during the semi-final. So please do keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she begins her recovery. Vermack needs her back on the courts!

Finally, Holly Blake and her ALTA A-7 Senior Women’s team will be playing for the A-7 city championship on Saturday, August 3, at Blackburn Tennis Center. Start time is 5:00 PM. Please be sure to come out to BTC and cheer on your fellow club members! At Team Blake’s level all of the players are highly skilled and experienced so matches come down to nerves of steel and having a fierce, competitive spirit. Your support from the stands could make the difference!

And please be sure to thank all of our captains and co-captains for their efforts this season. Each and every one puts in a lot of hard work organizing practices, handling teaching pros, creating weekly lineups, and coordinating with opposing teams so that the rest of us can enjoy our tennis.

And with that, here are Vermack’s 2013 Summer Division Winners:


Captain Holly Blake

Co-Captain Louise Labus

 Donna Glick

Cathy Harrison

Trisha Parrish

Susan Perez

Charlotte Sears

Susan Still

Jill Willbanks

Holly Born



Captain Louise Labus

Holly Born

Erin Mowrer

Holly Blake

Jill Willbanks

Tracy Matthews

Babette Davidson

Susan Ford Perez

Denise Pressnall

Charlotte Sears

Barbara Martin

Emily Carmichael

Jennifer Browne-Payne

Susan Still

Donna Glick



Captain Jeff Callahan

Co-Captain Denise Pressnall

Betty Alspaugh

David Alspaugh

Andy Borrmann

Sharon Callahan

Holly Elliott

Russell Fletcher

Mary Gossett

Rick Gossett

Jeffery Greenstein

Scott Hardin

Gordon Harris

Lynn Hassett

Joseph Hill

Timothy Kratz

Laura Marlow

Melissa Morgan

Robert Morgan

Ann O’Connor

Nancy Pugmire

Kimberly Wilkes Ruening

Mike Romano

Valerie Romano

Porter Sadler

Terry Stein

Mike Tallent

Susan Tallent

Shari Wassell

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