Fun Fun Fun

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Hey Guys,

I got some fun things for the pool.  I will bring a volley ball net over tonight. (I hopes fits).  I will also be bringing a pool side basket ball hoop.  It hasn't gotten here yet.  A few things.  Please do not let your kids hang on the net if it is up.  Please talk to them about that.  Also the lifeguards can tell you that the pool is too full of little people and volley ball will be dangerous. Please abide by their judgement.  I know the adults will have fun with it, but please talk to your kids about playing safe.  Especially the older first :) 


Last thing.....I have bought so many balls for the pool (4 square) only to have them mysteriously disappear. Please return the balls to the guard room.  The lifeguard will have controll over the balls.  That way they can decide if it is safe or not.  These are pricey balls and I probably won't get more if they disappear.  Please talk to you children if you drop them off about returning the balls.  There should be 3.  One for volley ball, one for basket ball and one for four squares.  Have fun!!!!  


More fun stuff on the way:)

Alison James