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Hey All,

Hope you had a great weekend and are happily getting ready for school.  I know I am :).  As many of you know the basketball hoop finally arrived and after much trial and error, it arrived at the pool.  Hope it was fun.  By the way.....one of the balls are already gone.   There should be three balls, two blue balls and one pink.   Haha. Really though...if you want to donate some to the pool just bring them on.  I know they will be gone soon.  


Please check the pool schedule.  Because of the start of school it will be different.  It is posted on the web site and on the outside of the pool.   


Last thing..we will be having some work done to the water fountain in the next week.  Please bring your own water to the pool....did anyone ever drink out of that?????

have a great Monday!

Alison James