Yeah it is here.....almost

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Hi Everyone,

My giant surprise has arrived and if you go to the pool you will see it in all it's glory, uninstalled :(.  You are all getting to know me by now and know that most of what I do needs to be done several times  before I get it right.  We now as a club own a brand new filtered water and ice machine.....possibly better than " the CountryClubs'". I am so excited, but after everyone on the phone told me any plumber could hook it up...I found that that is not true because it came in a few extra pieces then expected.  I have contacted the correct people to help and they will hopefully come in a speedy manner.  Until then you can come and just look at it and know that it will be so so awesome on a hot day.  (thank goodness it will be cooler the next few days) I have wanted this machine for years, so you can rest assure that it will not be forever before we are drinking cold filtered water with ice!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!

Alison James