New Swim Goddess or God???

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THIS IS THE ONLY MESSAGE I WILL SEND TO THE WHOLE CLUB!  (Sorry people who are about to e-mail yell at me, I wanted to make sure new families got this.) PLEASE UPDATE YOUR PREFERENCES TO RECEIVE FUTURE SWIM TEAM E-MAILS and people who don't, I promise, just this one.  :)  HAPPY 2014 VERMACK-IANS!

GREAT NEWS!  The swim team "manager" job is still open! (Just when you thought you had missed your golden opportunity!!  :)   Team registration, etc starts in a couple of months, so we really need to figure out WHO this wonderful honor is being bestowed upon.  I am going to get everything up and going, but can not manage it during the actual "swim season" this year.  (Super woman cape retired...:)   Please let me know if you are intersted and keep in mind, many a swim manager of the past will still be at Vermack this year, so we (Liz J., Karen C., Betsy W. ME, Jan Slimming, who did I miss?) are all here to help you!

A few things (and I know it is January!) but, I am attaching a "rough" 2014 Swim/Dive Team Calendar as I know summer planning for all things kids is going on now.  Don't hold me to it, but most the of the dates should be correct. (more or less)

For real this year, (not like last year when I faked everyone out...) registration will be ONLINE!  (And only online, no cash, no checks, and no pesos.)  Along with all the paperwork that you will electronically sign.  Woo-Hoo, hello 2014.

For you honor students, the asa swimming registration is already open, so if you want to impress us all, you can go ahead and register.  Again, this is only if your swimmer is swimming in meets.  You know who you are Melissa Humphries... :)

As well, the suit is going to be the SOLID NAVY again, so feel free to purchase away.  In March we will have a swim shop date @ Vermack and url link for your to online shop from the swim shop, but again, SOLID NAVY for sure, so go earn some miles!  :)

Happy 2014 EVERYONE!

Julie "Aren't I retired?" Erickson