Holy Speedos… suit info/try on date

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Hello Vikings!

The suit this year will be the same as last year, a solid Navy suit.  (Any brand, any style)

The Swim Shop will be at Vermack, next Sunday, March 23rd starting at 4:30 if you want/need to try your suits on before ordering.

If you know what size/suit you want, you can order directly from here  http://store.swimshop1.com/vermack-swim-team-c131.aspx

A few other quick swim team FYI's...

THANK YOU to Margo Marks, your new official swim team Goddess!!!  She still needs a partner in crime, so please inquire within...

Registration will be online and ready to go within the next week or so! (It's like Christmas in March...)  This year we are going to be sticklers about everyone being REGISTERED BEFORE they hit the pool b/c it causes so much extra work for the Goddesses.  (Look at me flexing my swim team muscles... :)

We have hired a male dive coach this year and he would like the team to compete in "away only" dive meets.  (Wednesday nights-)  If anyone has strong feelings about this being a good idea or not, please let me know.  Also, coach Kali will be returning to coach with him.  The Junior Dive Coach position is still open.  :)

Dekalb added a few days to the calendar, but it does not change anything as afternoon practices went through Friday anyway.  :)

And last but not least, you can register for ASA anytime.  Head Co-Coach Melissa will be creating the line-ups each week, so the sooner you do this, the sooner we know who is competing in meets.  http://www.atlantaswimming.com


Happy Rainy Sunday!  Get off your computer and get the laundry done... :)