Vermack Annual Dues AND Swim/Dive Team Dues

Sent by Vermack Swim and Tennis (Margavio, Tommy) on 4/8/2014. This announcement was emailed to all users

Dear Vermack,

It's time to renew your 2014 Annual Club Membership as well as register for 2014 Swim Team and Dive Team. 

We have worked hard to develop and partner with a service that allows for Members to register, pay their annual dues, as well as register and pay for Swim/Dive Team.  We ask that you please go to the below link.

But first, a few important notes:

*  Most of you have a Vermack Website logon.  This site is separate but part of Vermack, so you need to "Register" again.  We suggest you use your logon credentials from the Vermack website so that your credentials are the same for both sites, but you must register since this is not the same website.

*  The goal of the new service is not only to automate payments, but also capture contact information and create rosters of members and Swim/Dive Team; therefore, please take a few moments to add ALL members of your family.  Not just children or adults.  Please set up EACH member of your family as a "participant".  It may take a few extra minutes, but you are assisting in creating a database of membership that will help your Club run more smoothly.

*  This is a new system and it is not perfect, but we strive to bring Vermack into a more efficiently operated status.  Your patience and cooperation is pivotal to its sucess.

*  Swim/Dive Team:

1.  All Swim/Dive Team calendar/info is at the Vermack website

2.  You can register here for BOTH Swim and Dive

3.  You can contribute to Coaches gift on this site

4.  Thank you to all Family Sponors!  You can do this as well here.


All members, please go to and register and pay dues!