DIVE meet, if you want to compete

Sent by Vermack Dive Team (Erickson, Julie and Eric) on 5/26/2014. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to swim annoucements

This week's meet is away at WLS.  (Kali and Will, where is WLS?)  Please click here to RSVP  http://doodle.com/e426s456xcvgi8b5

Again, anyone CAN compete, it is $5 per meet in cash to Kingsley if you are intersted.  Last weeks entire meet was under an hour and a half.  6 and unders were done diving by the first 20 mins, 7/8's 20 mins, 9/10's 30 mins and 11/12's 20 mins.  We left before 13 and overs.  

Happy Monday!  :)  Let Kali or Will know if you have any questions...