Lost and Found / Ice Machine

Sent by James, Alison (James, Alison) on 5/29/2014. This announcement was emailed to all users

Hello Families,

Our lost and found is building up!   There are some nice towels in there, so if you think you could be missing one, go check it out.  They will be collected to be donated this Saturday night and each Saturday during the summer.


Also.....The most unfortunate event has occurred....the ice machine is not working!!!  Many of you have noticed.  The reason is because something other than water has been poured down it and has clogged it up.  Another unfortunate problem is the man that fixes it will be out of town until Sunday.  Please, Please even if you think you are totally handy, don't try to fix the problem.  This is a very nice machine and we only want professional refrigeration people to work on it.  The filtered water is still working.


On the same subject, please mention to your children that they should not put anything down the "drain" part of the machine.  Just ice and water.  Also, please don't fill up your whole cooler with the ice.  There are 900pounds of ice and it is made quite frequently, but there are also many patrons at the pool. 

Hope you are enjoying hot weather!!

Alison James