Oh Doughnuts!

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Great meet tonight!  Very strong swimming by Vermack considering we were outnumbered by about 3 to 1!!

Unfortunately we lost 316-471, but the swimmers had fun, the parents were in the shade and the coaches cheered their hearts out.  (Don't worry if you can't read the score, it's all about having fun, right?!)

Win or lose, Hump day = doughnut day! :) 

New signup coming tomorrow. Be on the lookout! Sign up early.  It's so fun to sign up early.  Recently I've heard the following, "It's so fun to sign up early... love checking that off my to-do list!"  "Did you sign up early? I did and it's almost as good as apple pie." "Signing up and volunteering early makes my heart warm and my week is just better all around!"  There you have it folks... it feels good to sign up early!

In other news, Charlotte Knippenberg is also available for coaching and babysitting. Her info is: charlotte.knippenberg@gmail.com and her phone is 404-772-2295.

Hope those of you who had kids sneaking Coke slushies get some sleep tonight. Oy!


PS- please ask your spouses if they are getting my e-mails. If they aren't, please share the news and check spam folders. As if my e-mails are junk!?!  Harumph!