Oh What A Night!!!

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Tonight is a night we will all remember! I'm sure the kids will remember this storm,  waiting in cars, and starting up again, and all the fun!

Thanks to everyone for an amazing meet!  We won! Vermack- 486 and Fountainebleau- 297.  I'm sooooooo glad we got it in!  It actually turned into such a beautiful night, and the swimming was awesome!

A special thanks to all of you for sticking it out, getting wet, pitching in and doing it all with a smile!  

I do have 1 additional favor though...  Can someone put the tents away tomorrow?  I'm so glad we got them down, but in the rain we didn't get the covers on.  If someone at and earlier practice can spread them out to dry, then someone at a later morning practice can put them in the bags and into the shed. (Melissa has a shed key.)  They are towards the back of the pool.  

Thank you in advance for that!!  Unfortunately, I won't be there until tomorrow night practice, and I'd rather them not be out all day.

Thanks again to all of our coaches, and especially Melissa who still isn't feeling well. Thanks also to Liz Joyce for convincing us to stay and get the meet in! While I'm doing the thanks, a BIG thank  you to Karen Courtney for setting up the pool in perfect meet style! You rock sister!