Goooooo Vermack!

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Incredible meet tonight!!  Although we lost, I think we swam really well, had fun, and survived the sauna-like heat situation well!! 

BIG shout out to our amazing concession volunteers who kept the lines under control and made SEVERAL trips to the stores and Chick Fil A for refills.  You were all amazing!

Congratulations again to our seniors- Liam, Will, Jonathan and  DJ Adam.  The big splashes from the high dive were awesome and something all the younger swimmers want to do when it's their turn.  They can't wait until they can say they've been swimming all those years. :)  Thanks for being great role models. 

Thanks as always to our super coaches on another great meet!  Nobody cheers better, and the kids really appreciate it. 

I can't believe we only have 1 meet left!! 

Enjoy the doughnuts tomorrow!  

Your very, very, very sleepy (but too tired to sleep) Swim Goddess