The more you celebrate the last home meet...

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Happy Sunday All!

The more you celebrate your last home meet (dancing, singing, celebrating in general) the more things change.  Whoops, did I "say" that out loud?!

Mill Glen has nicely asked us to host our meet on Tuesday due to some technical issues at their pool. Yay! (right? YAYAYAYAY!!) 

So, that's what's happening this week. We're hosting. (If you see Betsy Wagner, please give her a BIG hug, and just throw some money at her or something.  She deserves it!) 

Please be sure to volunteer here:

Don't forget our banquet is on Wednesday at 5:30.  It's not going to rain, it's not going to rain, it's not going to rain, repeat, repeat, repeat...) It's going to be SOOO fun! Come!

Thursday is the first day at GA Tech for the Divisional Meet. A few changes for this meet over last year. I'll send an e-mail about that in 45 seconds so that only the intereted parties can read it!

Gooooo Vermack!!!!!!

Your Swim Goddess