Coaches' gifts/tips

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Hi Everyone,

I'm so sorry for the MANY e-mails the last 24 hours! Admit it: you'll miss next week when I'm radio silent just relaxing by the pool with my nose in a book!

Just a reminder about choaches' tips... you can give them to me tonight. I'll have an envelope and I'll divide the tips up.  

Tomorrow night at the banquet, we will also have individual envelopes for you to contribut to.  

Swim Coaches-

Melissa, Jonny, Charlotte, Izzy, Paige

Dive Coaches- 

Kali and Will

These are totally voluntary, but I wanted to make sure you knew who to give your money to. :)


Thanks!  See ya tonight at Mill Glen!  4:30 Warmups- 5:30- start.