RSVP needed today please!

Sent by Vermack Social Committee (Uhde, Aaron and Bridgette) on 8/19/2014. This announcement was emailed to all users

Hi everyone,

Just a quick reminder to RSVP for this Sunday's pool party by today please. I will be placing the order with Moes and Yogli Mogli tonight. Right now, the weather forecast indicates a 40% chance of let's all hope that the rain moves to Monday instead...fingers crossed! In the event that the weather is wet and rainy, we will likely reschedule but we will be sure to give you as much notice as we can.

On another note, our committee is working to put together some events throughout the please share your ideas as to what you would like to see (i.e. Pumpkin Carving and Cider party, tennis lessons for beginners, etc.) Feel free to send me an email with your ideas: