Slide is at the pool early!!

Sent by Vermack Social Committee (Uhde, Aaron and Bridgette) on 9/19/2014. This announcement was emailed to all users

Happy Friday everyone! I am reaching out to let you know that the slide was delivered early and should be up and running today at 4pm. Keg is full and popsicles are in the freezer now! So head down to Vermack pool for some fun tonight! Also, the pool will remain open until 9pm (instead of 8pm tonight) if the pool is still busy.  

As far as tomorrow, the pool will be open from noon-10pm. Slide  will be there, beer will be on tap and cold popsicles will be in the freezer. Come when it's convenient. A quick shout out of thanks to Jason Rothbard and Betsy Wagner for helping out!  Have a fun weekend!!