Swim Meet 1 @ Kingsley- sign up now!

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Hi Everyone!

Please take a few minutes (NOW) to register for the swim meet on Tuesday. I know things are hectic with the end of school, but it will only get more hectic this weekend. Lisa and the coaches need to know who's swimming so that she put together the lineup. Don't forget, she can not put your swimmer in the meet unless you're registered with ASA and Vermack. Please do both if you haven't already.

We also need all of the volunteer slots filled to make sure the meet runs smoothly. Do that now too. :)

You can register here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c094ca8ae2ea57-vermack1

Our first meet is at Kingsley.  Here's what the timing looks like:

4:45- we arrive at Kingsley

4:45-5:00- Swimmers get marked (sharpies on their arms so we know when they're swimming)

5:00- Warmups for Vermack

5:30- meet starts

Shift 1 volunteers- Generally work from 5:30-7:00ish

Shift 2 volunteers- Generally work from 7:00-9:00

Please note- if you have a child who swims 6 and Under you will only be there for the first shift of the meet. Take that in to account with your volunteer choices.

Meets are fun, controlled chaos! Just enjoy the ride, wear as little as possible and get ready to cheer.  There's also some down time for the swimmers so snacks, cards, books, etc are a nice idea. 

A few other things of note before the weekend:

  1. We do have practice tomorrow afternoon and Tuesday MORNING. We don't have practice on Monday.
  2. We are switching donuts back to Wednesday.  WACKY Wednesdays! Ribbons, donuts and fun!
  3. Morning practices start next Tuesday. Check the site for the full schedule.
  4. We will have t-shirts for meet 2. Unfortunately there was a delay due to late registrations. I was worried we would have all the wrong sizes.  They are cute! Thanks again to Ella Uhde and our sponsors for the t-shirts and design!
  5. We need a DJ! Know anyone with MAD DJ sKills who can also be our announcer? The money is good so send them Margo's way! 
  6. This is a test, did you make it this far in the e-mail? Sorry this one's so long!!

Go Vermack!!!

Margo and Lee