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Hi everyone--thanks for the great turnout at our Welcome to Summer Bash last night! We had over 200 people show up! We hope that you enjoyed the keg, meal, slide, games and DJ.  A quick shout out of thanks to our Social Committee members for putting together last night's fun event and our upcoming summer events:

Julie Erickson

Bryan Poole

Amanda Krull,

Jason Rothbard

Val Romano 

Lena Buhl

Kim Harris

Todd Gibson

Kristen Mikan

Jamie West

Diane Bensyl

Sharon Callahan

Melissa Seely

Eileen Jedlicka  (who is also in charge of birthday party reservations):


For those of you who would like to enjoy a cold beer today, the keg will be replaced with Sweetwater 420 (thanks Bryan!)

Save the Dates for our Upcoming Pool Parties (which will likely be held during the late afternoon/early evening): 

Saturday, July 11th

Saturday, August 8th (Back to School Bash)

Saturday, September 12th (adults only party)


We would like to request that birthday parties not be scheduled on the evenings of our Pool Parties. 

If you know of  any friends who might be interested in Membership,please have them fill out the application: 

We do have a few more Memberships available.

I am planning to post a few photos from last night on the web site later today! 

Thanks everyone!