Meet 3 @ Chastain, lost & found and pics

Sent by Margo and Lee (Marks, Margo) on 6/4/2015. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to swim annoucements

Hi Everyone!

Believe it or not, it's time to sign up for Swim Meet 3 @ Chastain!!  This is a fun meet at a big pool, so make sure you allow some time to park and get settled.  Let's set a record and get everyone signed up before more reminders are set. :)  We already have a few signed up! whoo hoo!!

Plesae sign up to volunteer and RSVP here:

We also have a bit of lost and found after the meet. Please check the bins for towels, swim team t-shirts, goggles, ets. 

Along the lines of lost items, please let the Grashof's (or me) know if you come across a light blue swim bag with flippers, kick board, buoy, couple pair of goggles, couple swim caps. 

I saw some really cute pics from the meet on FB. Can you send them to me to put on our site? I'd love to get some fun shots up of our swimmers inside and outside the pool. 

Please join me in thanking Julie Erickson for being our team photographer!!  I think the pictures turned out really well and we'll get them to you in the next couple of weeks. THANKS!!!

Hope you're all having a great week!!

Margo and Lee