Divisional Sign Ups, thank you's and Coaches' Gifts

Sent by Margo and Lee (Marks, Margo) on 6/17/2015. This announcement was emailed to users who are subscribed to swim annoucements

Hi Everyone!

Please remember to sign up for divisionals when you get a chance. Deadline is Thursday (tomorrow) by Midnight, and here's the link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c094ca8ae2ea57-divisional1.  

It's also time to start thinking about coaches' gifts. Coach Lisa, Coach Charlotte, Coach Paige, Coach Tyler and Coach Richy have done a wonderful job this season! Thanks for all your feedback about improved stroke development.  Thanks also to many of you who already contributed with your swim team dues.  If anyone else would like to contribute, we'll gladly collect money.  I'll have envelopes at the family movie night tomorrow, so come find me! Otherwise, we'll have envelopes out at practice on Friday, Monday and Tuesday. We'll give the coach's the gifts on Wednesday at the banquet.  Thanks in advance!!

While we're talking about awesome folks, I want to give a shout out to a few of our older swimmers who really take time to be kind to our younger swimmers.  I saw Ian Erickson cheering and talking with kids last night who are half his age.  I also saw Emma Tallent looking at events so she could cheer on some of her adoring fans.  All the kids were cheering their heads off for Coaches Charlotte and Paige and loved seeing them race each other. It was a great lesson about winning for the team, even if swimming against a friend. Of course we can't leave out Coach Tyler and his followers.  He's a bit of a little kid magnet for all the right reasons. It's really NICE to see and we notice. It's one of the best things about swim team- multi aged kids getting together on the same team to have fun, hang out and swim! It also really encourages the littles to grow up and continue to swim. Love it!!

Speaking of the banquet (were we?!), it's coming up soon!!  Can't wait to celebrate another awesome season with all of you! Try to make it if you're in town. It's very fun and a great way for the kids to celebrate, have fun and slide. Parents- don't forget your suits... we WILL be having family relays again this year!

Happy week everyone!

Margo and Lee